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Alkalising: What most ‘gurus’ Won’t tell you about it’s causes and solutions


Have you heard of Alkalising?

It’s become a real craze in the alternative health world – and rightly so.

So, what’s Alkalising all about?

Basically: stress, toxins, overeating acid foods and opportunistic organisms can all disrupt our ‘pH balance’ and leave us too acidic.

The more acidic we are, the more quickly we decay (age quickly), feel stress/anxiety, attract diseases and generally feel unhappy and in pain (inflammation).

Alkalising my body, or, to name it more accurately, restoring the pH balance of my body has been absolutely crucial on my journey to full health.

I’ll share my story about this in the PS section.

Now, assuming you’ve already heard about all this, there’s a few things you need to know about Alkalising that most health expert’s won’t tell you:

Hidden Truth #1: It’s not just about what you eat.

Sure, eating a diet high in acid forming food won’t help. But there are other crucial factors, and they explain why some people can eat a ‘bad’ acidic diet for years and feel great, and some people can eat a totally health alkaline diet and feel just as bad.

Factors that create acidity in the body:

1) Improper Breathing: breathing from the chest, and breathing stale air.

2) Stress: Yep, all those bad thoughts in your head can often actually kill you quicker than bad diet – even western medicine understands this.

3) Toxins: Almost all toxins are inherently acidic by nature.

4) Dehydration: You need water to flush those acid wastes out.

5) Weak Kidney Organ System/Low Jing: It’s your kidneys’s job to keep your blood a neutral pH. The Weaker they get, the more you’ll suffer

6) Alkaline Mineral Deficiency: Especially the Macro Minerals: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium.

7) Inadequate Rest/Recovery. No, sleep and time off aren’t just for wimps. They’re for people who want to excel long term, not burn out quickly.

8) Excess Physical/Mental Exertion Both are good for you, in an appropriate doses. But too much, especially without proper breaks, are very acid forming.

and then, yeah, eating lots of acidic foods, or even over eating in general, creates acidity.

(By the way, to really understand this in depth, the best place is Complete Detox Academy, which you can learn more about by Clicking Here.)

Hidden Truth #2: You’ve got to Test it

Not sure if you’re acidic?

If you need to Alkalise more? Less?

Acidity is one of the easiest things EVER to just test.

It’s also one of the cheapest to Test, just around $1 for 10 tests!

Here’s how to do it:

Watch Here

BTW, you can get the pH test stripsย  to test with Click Here

How To Alkalise?

For the Big Picture of Clearing All Toxins out of your body, including Acid Wastes, Click Here

To know exactly which products are best for Alkalising the Body, check out the Platinum Alkalising Pack Here

Limited Budget? Other than the completely Free Lifestyle changes I share about Here, my favourite Alkalising Solution is Green Barley Grass Juice Powder. 1 teaspoon of it packs more alkalsing power than several kilos of green veg, it tastes great, and is super convenient.

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BTW this juice powder is also super high in Potassium, more even than a supplement, so is excellent for not just alkalising, but also lowering high blood pressure, and making up for a high sodium diet.

Hope that was helpful to you.

I know, life would be simpler if it was just take one thing, and problem over, and that can be the case, with the barley grass juice powder.

But I’ve also got to be honest with you and tell you that often there’s a lot more to it.

I encourage you to follow the various links given here, find out more, and Test Yourself!

It’s so easy to do and it’s so much better than not knowing ๐Ÿ™‚

Next Email, I’ll tell you about how herbs fit into all this:

Are they acidic?

Are they alkaline?

Can you have tonic herbs as part of an alkaline diets, and if so, which ones?

And more…

Email after that I’ll be sharing my favourite alkaline juice and smoothie recipes.

Speak soon ๐Ÿ˜‰



How did I first find out about Alkalising?

Tony Robbins, the success guru.

Weird huh?

(Actually, Living Health, one of Tony’ programs, is still one of the best program’s I’ve ever come across on health – and he’s not a health expert. Go figure. I guess when you’re attuned to seeking Results not just Information, you can create Results in any area of life)

Anyway, it was really when I’d already started my phase of doing Deep Detoxes, that I came across the principle of Alkalising, and it seemed like the next level – and boy was it!

However, like most people, I didn’t really understand it.

I thought it was just a matter of drinking lots of green juices and eating just green foods, and I’d feel better.

Well, I was wrong!

After several days of that I felt awful!

I didn’t understand any of the principles of what causes acidity, or how to get it out in a safe, easy way.

I was also only drinking alkaline water, and so getting more and more dehydrated, another common mistake as I later discovered.

But still, despite these mistakes, it made a huge difference. I started to recover.

My energy got better and better – although not more stable, that would come later when I balanced my blood sugar.

The pains I’d had all my life started to fade away.

My head got clearer.

Alkalising wasn’t the be all and end all of my health journey.

I’ve already shared a few of those major breakthroughs in this email series – and I’ll share a few more.

But, for me, it was an essential and unavoidable step.

My experience is that the Health gurus who dismiss it (which is many) tends to be people who either:

1) Aren’t getting results

2) Already did years of cleansing to get acids out – without realising that’s what they were doing – and so now tell people it’s unnecessary, when people still struggling in it

3) Are constitutionally very strong and not easily stressed – to say it the Taoist way, they have high Jing. In this case, Alkalising is not so important.

Well, none of those apply to me.

I’ve gotten Results: Huge, Life Changing, ‘If I went back in time I wouldn’t even recognise myself, I’ve got so much better’ kind of Results.

But it wasn’t that long ago.

And I recognise Alkalising was an absolutely essential part of getting me there.

These days, I eat a fair bit of acid forming foods, and do acid forming activities, and still feel good.

However, if my energy ever gets low, or I feel run down, or any other form of ‘not awesome’ I check my pH.

And what do I find?

95% of the time I’m just too acidic.

As soon as I resolve that, I’m good again.

Like magic.

So I LOVE Alkalising.

Or, restoring pH balance.

Hope you learn to love it too ๐Ÿ™‚

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